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Anthropology of Corporate Gifts

Giving gifts is an important part of human interaction. The practice of gifting has existed since the beginning of human civilization. During the stone age cavemen gave presents like animal skins, handmade weapons for social networking. As time passed the gifts became a whole new industry, it became more creative and personal.

From personal gifts to your friends and family to your loved ones we engage in this social convention all the time. Even corporates to their customers and employees have been using gift-giving as a means of social networking. 

Why give a gift to anyone? Why do people spend so much money and effort on this? The answer is simple the most important purpose is appreciation. We give people gifts to show them that we are grateful for them and value the role they play in our lives.

Harvard Business review article on Gift Giving states that a common misconception for gift-giving is that the bigger, more valuable the gift, the more it expresses our appreciation. The greatness of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value. Companies give stock options, huge bonuses as well but inspite of all this the employees and customers feel completely under-appreciated and not so loyal to the company. This is because the monetary value doesn't really matter what matters are the intent and the level of personalization and the person giving the gift.

Dale Carnegie in his book How to Win Friends and Influence people mentions that 

The average person is more interested in his or her own name than in all the other names on earth put together. The reason is a name is wholly and completely owned by the person with whom we are dealing… and nobody else. It sets the individual apart; it makes him or her unique among all others. From the waitress to the senior executive, the name will work magic as you deal with others.

Giving a personalized gift and the way the gift is given is extremely important for your employees and customers to feel that they belong. The Gifts Garage specializes in personalized gifts and makes sure they are delivered to your employee's doorstep with a smile and a lovely personal note.

A large corporate wanted to give a year-end appreciation gift to its employees which needed to be economically viable and created in a short span of time. TheGiftsGarage worked out an employee gratitude kit within the budget and with timely delivery. The Kit contained creatives specially designed for each employee to express thanks for hard work done for the whole year. This worked wonders with the teams and they felt so happy to carry their keepsakes home and proudly display them on their desks.

Give us your budget and we will come up with designs, options, and delivery packages, we understand that for a perfect gift one needs to experiment and create prototypes. We are more than happy to provide samples and designs.

During the time of Corona Pandemic, health and safety should remain top of our mind, the side effects of social distancing can be quite harsh. Gift-giving can help bridge some of the physical and emotional distance people are experiencing. We can help fill that void through our gifting options to tell your employees to stay safe and wish them on their special occasions. Interested? 

Choose from our amazing range of gifts your customers and employees.

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